TV channel branding >> The DADA Channel is a avant-garde art channel which broadcasts unique cinematic, artistic and politic content to its viewers.

The channel appeals to musicians / designers / hipsters and any person seeking for unconventional content.

Dada Channel – Promo No.1

This promo is made using stop motion, a paint brush and professional pealing techniques 😉 this promo was made to provoke the viewer to create with much thrill and enthusiasm.

Dada Channel – Promo No.2

This Promo was made using lighting techniques, DADA appears while everything else disappears making it clear for the viewer that every creation is temporary.

Dada Channel – Promo No.3

This Promo was made using old news paper articles, spray paint and a sponge, its a tribute to street art and an essential promo for an avant-garde tv channel.

Dada Channel – Night Schedule

Most channels go to sleep at one point or another, this night schedule was made using a stop motion technique on a window viewing the beach (original beach sounds were replaced with appropriate DADA sounds).

Dada Channel – Program Schedule

This Schedule was made using only motion graphics. programs that should appear on such a channel are placed in the background, if you appreciate good cinema go watch them now!

This project was made as an educational exercise. some of its content (background music/videos) were made by different and talented artists. If you are one of them and have a saying in any matter related to these creations please contact us here and we will make sure you are 🙂 >> Contact Here